Web applications

Web applications are an essential part of everyday life. Their use is a must for any company, be it to improve communication with customers, to pursue targeted marketing or to open up new distribution channels.

Web development includes specifying requirements, UX / UI design, as well as the programming and operation of web applications and websites. With extensive experience in web development technologies, we develop professional, modern web-based applications tailored to their problem areas.

  • Design of more extensible software architectures for web applications
  • Development of high-performance and stable web applications
  • Connection of applications to existing systems
  • Conception and implementation of intuitive interaction design
  • Development of websites with responsive design


The development and implementation of microservice applications is a departure from the development of monolithic software architectures. These initially seem to be comprehensively process-oriented, but can only be adapted to dynamically changing processes at high costs. We develop and orchestrate your microservices in an application environment that solves the paradigm of higher microservice follow-up costs. For this, we not only follow the service, but also embed it into a realistic and updated process picture of your actual workflows.

  • Conception of autonomous functionalities using micro-services to expand existing services or build new platforms
  • Versioned interface design for REST, JSONAPI, Websocket or Protobuf interfaces

Contineous Integration & Contineous Deployment

The development of tools and microservices is the core of our service. We develop secure applications, microservices and services with innovative tools in almost all environments. Our goal is to develop highly modular and scalable solutions with transparent resulting costs. In addition, we enable you and your employees to participate in the development process and to continue it according to your requirements.

  • Direct connection of application development, test and commissioning
  • Minimizing the time between programming and delivery, prototype demonstration and fault analysis
  • Individual development models according to customer needs and requirements
  • Adaptation of the development processes to support existing processes
  • Planning, development and support according to agile methods
  • Heterogeneous team structures In-house or globally distributed
  • Scrum Development

Development Tools & Methods

The development and adaptation of the most innovative applications begins with the selection of the right tools and methods. Developments should quickly show initial results and be operational in existing application environments. Their structure is described in such a way that existing applications and services can dock as required and existing applications are taken along in the Lifetime cycle. Our transparent approach takes you on the path to your application development and integrates you fully into the process for the development of the most innovative applications.